Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Reflection

In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most Merciful.

"Do not be like those who forgot God, so He made them forget
themselves. These are the wicked." The Holy Quran [59:19]

God has given me a choice in everything I do.

The beautification of earth contains the variance between good
and evil.

At the end of our test; if I will have punishment
or bliss, then it is the choices I make that will take me
towards punishment or bliss.

So where do my choices fit?

The good of this world is found in moderate behavior under
the consciousness of God.

The relationships I build must be used
to strengthen my awareness of God.

When I indulge in relationships, I lose the ability to remain objective,
and I become immersed in the bias of those whom I am associated with.

Therefore, I must use my intellect to guide me toward the
correct balance.

 Allah prescribes in the Holy Quran (45:23):

"Then do you see such a person as takes as his god his own
vain desire? Allah has, knowing (him as such), left him
astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart and
understanding and put a veil over his eyes..."

God is saying that there is a spiritual aspect to the indulgence of
desires. I should not indulge in my desires to the point
where I take my desires as my God.

God has given me the knowledge and the choice to be aware of
God, and to use my desires toward good. As long as I am
aware of God, I will be better able to make the right choices.

God willing, God will unveil the reason for my test. God
willing, my mind and my life will improve. God
willing, I will gain the discipline to follow my intellect
and actualize my potential for good.

God help me sacrifice my selfish desires. God help me follow my desire for good.

God help me make the right choices in my test.

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